What’s your blue geekiness/great passion?

I would say that what I LOVE with doing this line of work is helping people out. Getting to feel that you actually help individuals or companies evolve is awesome.

Why are you a venorian?

For me it has always been about the team, our goals together as a company, growing and feeling of cohesion to one another. For me being a venorian is just that, feeling that you as an individual help contribute to something bigger than just yourself, seeing other people grow around you and evolve.

Tell a memory that you value from your time at Venor

Hard to just talk about one memory, during my time I have been part of so many decisions, activities, new recruitment and I value all of them! But if I have to choose I would probably say our off-site activities. Always bring good conversations and development.... and SPA!

Who is the best superhero and why?

Every hero has its own place, but I guess one that I followed while growing up would be Macgyver (who needs Batman and all his gadgets) Just kidding, but I think I would have to say the Watchers. Maybe a double edge sword here, but I like the description that their job is to watch over the multiverse and observe and record and not intervene, but they do - when things are really bad.

Gamer? What’s your favourite game?

That really depends. Finishing Elden Ring with all achievements, 6000 hours in dota 2, burned my brain out to win a Tekken 7 tournament, countless hours in Tetris. But I would say My Name Is Mayo.