What’s your blue geekiness/great passion?

I love to find the thing that you want or need. To answer the question which needs to be answered. Goals and questions like finding the malware on a suspect and ill-behaved system or "did an actor touch our sensitive data?"

Why are you a venorian?

Personally I became a Venorian since I've worked with the Venor founders in the past and we get along well. My choice to pick Venor became fixed when it became clear that they would allow me to change career paths, from sysadmin to being a cybersecurity consultant, by being supportive and provide what I would need to make a career change to the extent I needed it.

What did you want to be when you were a kid?

Fireman or policeman when I was really young, since everyone else wanted to. Later on in high school the 'not much' became 'writer or teacher'. That later changed again to "something-something-3d-animation-computers-and-stuff".

Tell a memory that you value from your time at Venor

One memory among others is a real ad-hoc situation where a partner had a customer, and that customer suspected a breach. It started out as an intense investigation, working with the partner's security personnel whom we had no experience with, on customer systems we had no experience with. It got very evident early on that even though we and the partner all had different backgrounds and skills, it was fairly easy to move forward without any major road-blocks. One could say that we adapted to the situation and managed to have some fun during the engagement.

Do you have any hobbies?

Culture in different ways, movies, am an avid gamer, and watch a lot of NBA-basketball. Read a lot of indie comics. Cooking and pod-casts are a nice wind-down combination. I also try to play CTF's and similar when time allows.

What’s your favourite cartoon?

Somewhat split between Tom & Jerry, loved it as a kid, but also Aeon Flux which was an eye-opener back in the day.