Who are we?

We are the defensive security company that has deep technical knowledge. As a Venorian you will work with great team members that are truly interested in security. Venor is the place to work if you are interested in technical defensive security. At Venor we highly prioritize you as an individual and how you want to develop.


As a person you thrive to learn more, knowledge is endless and something that needs to be constantly maintained to keep up with todays speed. At Venor we give each member a generous education budget for them to spend courses that is best for their development.


A team with the diversity of different people and the skills they possess combined is far superior than what a single person can do when they are working alone. At Venor you will be surrounded by highly skilled people that can help you become more professional than you could by working alone.


Products with high quality doesn't only look good on the outside, they also have a beautiful inside that someone or several people spent time on making great. At Venor we think it's important that we deliver quality products and services to our customers and we hope you feel the same.

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Senior Security Consultant

  • Full Time
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Forensics & Incident response

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  • Full Time
  • Stockholm, Sweden
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