An Effective Response

With an incident response retainer you get around the clock access to forensics specialist who can travel to your location within hours if needed. Experts are by your side at every step of the incident process and help you minimize the damage and eradicate the adversary from your network.

Service overview

With our Incident response retainer you ensure that you can get expert staff to help you mitigate an incident. Helping customers reduce the impact of security incidents is what we do on a daily basis, either remote or on site, depending on your preference.

A phone call away.

If you suffer from a security breach, you want it handled right away and to minimize the damage as much as possible. With the Basic Incident Response Retainer you don't pay anything up front, only for the time you need. All paperwork is in place and experts are just a phone call away, ready to help you.

Dedicated experts

many of our customers prefer to have our incident response experts on site within a guaranteed period of time if an incident occurs. You purchase a block of prepaid incident response hours that you later can use during incidents, around the clock. You have a fixed price per hour, no matter if it is on New Years Eve or in the middle of the night.
With a simple phone call we take action and start to travel to the requested destination to provide support for you on-site.

Risk free

What if you are not in need of incident response services during the contract period? No worries, the retainer hours wont just disappear but rather you can use them for regular consulting.
This provide you with a risk free option where you won't pay for services you don't have use for.
Services available to repurpose Incident Response Retainer hours for include IT security defense effectiveness assessment, threat intelligence assessment, threat hunting and training credits conversion.

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