Education & Awareness

Many attacks today are targeting users and phishing is one of the most common ways to target the users. With a phishing service from Venor your organization is tested to such threats on a regular basis. When a user clicks a link they will be sent to an educational page on how to detect phishing emails. The phishing tests varies in difficulty and after each test you will get a report with how many that clicked, inserted data or just opened the emails sent.

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Our managed service will provide security awareness training for your personel. Beside getting phishing emails they will also receive training when they are cought in a phishing attempt. This is a great tool to make sure your personel can spot phishin attempts that are towards your organisation.


Getting security in to the mindset of your personel is one of the best protections you can have. With a high security awareness baseline you are better protected against social engineering attacks which is a popular way to open up a door in to your companys inside and crown jewels.


Get statistics and reports, insights and start measure how your organisation is performing. Learn more about your personel and understand how exposed your are aginst phishing attacks.