Job Detail

Senior Security Consultant



About the role

Venor is expanding and constantly looking for competent team players to continue delivering high-quality services to our customers and boldly go where no one has gone before!

Let’s cut to the chase. We are looking for you who are interested and skilled in the defensive IT security field. Can you also relate to the bullets below?

  • Ultimate answer
  • Winter is coming
  • He who must not be named
  • Outside the box is where I live
  • I'm not crazy, my mother had me tested
If you’re still there, this might be interesting.

Who are we?

We are a MSSP and consultancy firm with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. Founded with the idea to be a high-end Blue team company where you as a team member is our prime focus. At Venor we believe that if we take care of our team members to the best of our abilities, they will in turn take care of our customers to the best of theirs.
We have built a culture where transparency, in-house innovation, and modern technology support our team members. Our customers all face different, and yet often similar, challenges and we work with them to strengthen their security posture. Venor exists to give organizations an advantage and impartial protection against those trying to destroy or steal assets.

Blue teamers

The ideal person for us is interested in working with demanding customers where you constantly need to innovate and find solutions to complex problems within EDR, Digital forensics and incident response. You know there is no one solution to rule them all, but rather have experience from defense in depth and are eager to learn about areas you don't have experience from. When things go wrong you just don't turn it off and on again but rather get your hands dirty and work to resolve the issue together with your team. Further, you embrace an open and including company culture where all team members are the key to success.

What do we offer?

Apart from a great culture, a collaborative environment and an innovative mindset to solve our customers challenges, Venor offer many perks, let’s mention a few:

  • Competitive salary
  • One extra vacation day per year you work in the company
  • A generous amount of money dedicated for yearly skills development
  • Need for steed (subsidized bike benefit)
  • Opportunity to buy stocks in the company from an early stage
Interested in joining our team? Contact us by Email, LinkedIn or a carrier pigeon, up to you.