Beam aboard, ensign!

You've arrived at the bluest team in the galaxy. Just like the vast expanse of space, our commitment to safeguarding the interests and IT security of small businesses knows no bounds. 

Get to know us

Why Choose Us?


Great place to work

Open, inclusive and transparent culture. Have a question? Just ask the CEO in Slack. We offer meaningful IT-security work, generous perks and great support from the whole Venorian crew. 

Blue Geekiness

Welcome to unleash your true self, no need for a work alter-ego here (unless you are bureaucratic and corporate by heart). Just embrace your inner nerd and the passion that comes with that!


Knowledge-centric company

With a did I hear right sum of money dedicated for education, skill development is key. We share knowledge and learn from one another to constantly face new challenges and threaths.

Opportunity for Co-Ownership

Venorians are in this together and for the long run, shaping the company's future side by side. Co-creators should also have the opportunity to be Co-owners. As simple as that.

Meet some of our Venorians



Security Consultant with SOC and developer superskills



Co-founder with focus on security, people and automation



Security Consultant with focus on basics, practices and forensics



Analysing and solving security incidents



Relation-oriented Client Manager



Co-founder, cloud security and culture

Become a Venorian!

First contact to Venorian

1. The process starts with you fillin in the contact form Become a Venorian! We always strive to get back to you quickly, at warp speed if possible. And hey, all contact is treated confidential and we will never spill the beans.

2. You’ll have a shorter* meeting with Venors founders so they can understand your interest and get to know you as a person. For us, your passion for security and tech are worth more than your CV. That you are a team player is something else we value highly.

3. Let’s talk about technical matters (finally, you think?). At this stage you’ll meet a Venorian Lead and talk about recognition of relevant fields, concepts-test etc. We also want to know how you operate, curiosity, strategy etc.

4. At this stage you’ll meet Venorian Operations interested in your motivation and personal qualities. One crucial deal area is if you share our values and vision. We are a value-driven company so sometimes that’s a deal breaker, but that’s fine as long as we are honest with each other.

5. If all fits you will be given an offer and the ball is now in your court. In this step we also do a mandatory background check. Once we hear yes, the contract gets signed and we will start the pre-boarding and prep for your onboarding.

6. Onboarding - Welcome new Venorian! Meet the team, get settled in and start to explore all the cool things we do here at Venor!

We look forward to meeting you and hearing your story and aspirations in going forward in the security field. Submit your information and see you soon!

* It depends on eventual talk about LEGO. If you are in a hurry, do not go there. One of the founders has a big, as in really big, passion for those tiny bricks.