Managed EDR: Protecting your Endpoints 24/7/365

With Managed EDR at your service, enjoy peace of mind with 24/7 endpoint protection that quickly identifies and neutralizes threats, preventing them from escalating into more significant concerns.

Our EDR technology operates seamlessly in the background, ensuring that your daily business activities remain uninterrupted and efficient. It's recognized as one of the most effective tools for timely and precise threat detection, safeguarding your operations without compromise.


Award winning technology

State-of-the-art EDR employs machine learning and behavioral analysis for real-time threat detection and response on endpoints.


You get access to the console, you see all events that's going on, you can even have all events exported if you wish.

Experts at your fingertips

Our experts are available for a chat, should you have questions, things to discuss or just want to bounce off ideas. Its included.


When something happens you'll get notified but every week you will also get a report noting trends and other data that might be useful for you.

What our customers say

“Using Venor as our security partner has enabled us to put far more focus on our efforts to enhance our security programs than we would have otherwise, knowing that Venor's analysts are taking care of security monitoring for us. We're very pleased with how thorough Venor's analysts are in following up on security events and how personal and tailored the service is to our ways of working.”

A seamless addition to your team

Venor's Managed Detection & Response service seamlessly integrates with your existing team and processes, acting as a seamless addition to enhance your cyber defense capabilities. We offer compatibility with popular communication platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams, ensuring smooth collaboration and efficient sharing of information. Clients have direct access to our team of cybersecurity experts, providing guidance and support whenever needed. Our onboarding process is tailored to align with your unique operational needs, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition. In addition, Venor conducts thorough threat hunting and provides customized reports to meet specific regulatory requirements your organization may face. With our expertise, we work as an extension of your team, strengthening your cyber defense capabilities.


At Venor, we are proud to collaborate with industry leaders to provide our Managed Detection & Response services. By harnessing the powerful capabilities of EDR technologies, we offer state-of-the-art security solutions. These strategic partnerships empower us to deliver cutting-edge protection, leveraging the strengths of these renowned platforms to ensure the utmost level of endpoint security for our valued clients. Our steadfast commitment to leveraging top-tier tools and resources in our fight against cyber threats is reinforced through our partnerships with leading technology providers.

Want to learn more?


Does MDR really fit my organization?

What devices and operating systems do you support?

We support Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android and iOS. All of the platforms can be monitored by our team of experts around the clock.

How do you report back when you discover something?

We usually reach out over chat (Slack or Teams is most common) if it isnt urgent. There we describe what we have discovered, if any action was taken by the software, if other actions are needed and gives you additional information if its needed.

Should things be urgent, we will of course call you according to the agreed upon escalation procedure.

Will this hinder my developers?

EDR is a technology that uses many advance techniques to detect malicious activity. After we together have enrolled your organization to the platform and tuned the policies to fit your devices it is rare that it blocks something your developers do. No system is perfect however, and sometimes legit software gets blocked. That is why we are monitoring around the clock and adding exclusion as we see legit activity being blocked.

But what if I already have anti-virus?

The EDR technology we monitor also provides you with Next-Generation Anti-Virus. This is another protection layer that use AI and Machine learning to detect threats. Hence, once we start rolling our EDR together you can remove your current anti-virus, knowing you have a more advance protection in place.

How does EDR fit into a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME)?

EDR is a valuable asset for SMEs, offering advanced security capabilities that were once only accessible to larger organizations. It provides SMEs with the tools to detect and respond to sophisticated threats without requiring a large in-house security team. Many EDR solutions are now available as managed services, making it easier for SMEs to integrate them without significant investment in infrastructure or expertise. This helps level the playing field against cyber threats, ensuring that businesses of all sizes can protect their critical assets effectively.