We got you covered!

Realizing your business is targeted by a cyberattack can unleash a storm of emotions, from shock to vulnerability. But don't let stress take over - "We got you covered!" As your cybersecurity guardians, we're armed with the expertise and tools to protect your business from digital dangers. The moment you suspect a breach, we spring into action, deploying strategies and defenses to safeguard your operations. We're committed to turning your anxiety into confidence, offering not just a service, but peace of mind. Below is a short description on what your next steps should perform to minimize the impact of the incident.

Keep calm

Try to keep calm, don't do anything rash like disconnecting the infected machine right away. Doing so can tip the adversary off.

Validate backups

Make sure backups are intact and please to keep them offline from the network. This will speed up the recovery process.

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